Main Street Trolley Show

Show Time: 10:10 AM/10:15 AM
Begin Show Viewing: 10:11 AM
End Show Viewing: 10:15 AM/10:21 AM
Bonus Attraction

This was the first major roadblock in our day and its ripple effects would be felt throughout every minute from then on. When we arrived at Ariel’s Grotto, we realized that we had to get back to Main Street, U.S.A. as quickly as possible to ride a Main Street Vehicle. Without that Core Attraction, our day would’ve ended prematurely. We ran back to Main Street and discovered that the Main Street Vehicles weren’t even running that day.

We realized that riding the trolley down Main Street would meet the requirement, but the trolley show was already in progress. Thanks to some misinformation from a CM who told us that we could ride the trolley back up Main Street after the Trolley Show ended, we lost a huge chunk of time. Luckily, we were found out that, if we could make it to the Train Station by noon, we could ride the Trolley from Main Street to the Castle for its last trip of the day.



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