The Calm Before the Storm

Being obsessed with Disney makes someone a rare breed. Being able to spend countless hours in the parks while continuously finding new things to see and do is even rarer. Being excited to experience every attraction in an entire park in just one day is downright mythical. Yet, that’s exactly what we attempted.

Months ago, my good friend and fellow Disney-aficionado Samantha Roberts suggested that we do a Map Day in the Magic Kingdom. A day where we experience every attraction found on the map from open to close. Although discussed, we never set a date for when we would go. In March of 2015, I realized that my 3-Day park ticket was expiring and thought who better to use one of the days with than with Sam? Now seemed like the perfect time to attempt our Map Day.

While browsing around, I noticed something called the “Ultimate Touring Plan Hall of Fame“. This is where people were recognized for attempting and/or completing one of the website’s “Ultimate Tour Plans” which consist of experiencing every single Core Attraction in one of the theme parks in just one day. Core Attractions are the traditional attractions that can be found on a map, such as Space Mountain, The Haunted Mansion, and Pirates of the Caribbean. The plans also include Bonus Attractions, but they are not necessary to have a successful “Ultimate Tour Plan”. Bonus Attractions can be shows such as the Dapper Dans and the Royal Majesty Makers. Each attraction has its own requirements, such as ride an attraction, view a full show, view for only 5 minutes, as well as others.

In order to receive credit for each of the attractions, we had to fill out a data sheet. If we left out any data, we would fail. For each and every attraction, we would have to list the posted wait time, FastPass+ distribution time, time that we enter the queue, time that we enter the attraction, and time that we exit the attraction. Photo evidence with both of us in it was essential. If the attraction was a meet and greet, an autograph of the character as well as a photo of the autograph was necessary. Forgetting any of these would result in a failure.

Sam and I figured, if we’re going to attempt to do a Map Day, we might as well add some rules and attempt an “Ultimate Tour Plan”, and that’s exactly what we did…


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