Journey Into Imagination With Figment

Posted Wait: 5 minutes
FastPass+ Distribution Time: 10:32 AM
Time Entering Queue: 10:32 AM
Time Entering Attraction: 10:36 AM
Time Exiting Attraction: 10:49 AM
Core Attraction

When Epcot first opened, Mickey and his friends were nowhere to be found. Not until Eisner visited the park and noticed this did the Mouse himself make an appearance. Figment was an original creation that would fill the gap without Mickey’s presence. Along with a catchy song written by the legendary Sherman Brothers, Figment and The Dreamfinder became instant classics, loved by everyone who rode this attraction in its glory days. Sadly, the current iteration is only a shell of what it once was. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that Figment will one day be reunited with his buddy The Dreamfinder.

DSC00813 2015-06-11 07.36.55


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