A New Hope

On 4/18/2015, Sam and I attempted our first Ultimate Tour. We didn’t know what to expect. We studied past attempts from Ultimate Tour Hall of Famers. We made sure to pack our bags with all of the essentials. We double and triple checked park schedules leading up to the tour. Despite all of this, we still failed. Our failure could be attributed to bad weather and unlucky circumstances, but that didn’t change the fact that we failed.

Due to park hours and scheduling conflicts, we wouldn’t be able to re-attempt the Magic Kingdom tour until the Fall. Although we learned a lot from our first attempt, we were still nervous and unsure if success was even possible. Everything changed come that May. Sam and I were joined by Morgan, our Good Luck Charm, for our Epcot attempt. Together, the three of us completed the Epcot Ultimate Tour with mere seconds to spare. Walking out of the park with our heads held high, we truly believed we could be successful in our eventual second attempt.


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