Main Street Vehicles ~ Red Car

Time Entering Queue: 8:50 AM
Time Entering Attraction: 8:52 AM
Time Exiting Attraction: 8:56 AM
Core Attraction

The Main Street Vehicles Core Attraction was the biggest factor for why we failed our first Magic Kingdom Ultimate Tour attempt. It single-handedly ruined our plans the first time around and we were determined avoid making that same mistake again. As everyone else in the park made a mad dash for the mountains, we hopped aboard one of the three vehicles waiting in front of the Train Station. A few minutes later, we were driving right down the middle of Main Street U.S.A and off to our next attraction, but not before my sunglasses somehow flew off my head and onto the busy street behind us. Luckily we were moving at a snail’s pace and a nice girl walked them back to me. Score.

A big shout out to Becky, our fantastic Red Car driver. She helped start our day off with big smiles on our faces.


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