Tom Sawyer Island

Time Entering Queue: 1:21 PM
Time Entering Attraction: 1:28 PM
Time Exiting Attraction: 1:42 PM
Core Attraction

As soon as the Liberty Square Riverboat was docked, the four of us made a mad dash to Frontierland to board a log raft across the Rivers of America. Sam had studied the map of the island thoroughly, so the rest of us followed her lead. She took us to one of the caves, up to Fort Langhorn, and finally over to the Barrel Bridge.

Unfortunately, the main cave was closed for construction, so we instead took our picture at the entrance of the Mine Cave. On the subject of closures, it seems the barrels had been removed for refurbishment too, so we couldn’t snap a photo standing on them. Since they had been taken away by Disney rather than just shut down for the day, we felt confident that it wouldn’t affect our potential for success. We found our way back to the dock and waited for the next raft to carry us back to the mainland.


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