It’s Tough to Be a Bug! (FP+)

Posted Wait: 5 minutes
FastPass+ Distribution Time: 4:34 PM
Time Entering Queue: 4:34 PM
Time Entering Attraction: 4:38 PM
Time Exiting Attraction: 4:47 PM
Core Attraction

Our final Core Attraction had an excruciatingly long wait of 5 minutes, but to cut that time down, we used our FastPass+ reservations. We took our seats and put on our Bug Eyes as we became Honorary Bugs. Too bad Hopper didn’t give a crap and tried to murder all of us. He made some pretty good points, so I guess it was deserved. Luckily for us, that bird was clutch and tried to devour him. Hopper has #FOB. After a rousing musical number of Pollinators, we made our way back into the great outdoors and away from the scariest show in all of Disney for children young and old..



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