Kali River Rapids

Posted Wait: 60 minutes
FastPass+ Distribution Time: 3:13 PM
Time Entering Queue: 3:13 PM
Time Entering Attraction: 4:07 PM
Time Exiting Attraction: 4:13 PM
Core Attraction

The wait time for Kali River Rapids read 60 minutes, but we didn’t care. With only a couple of Core Attractions left to go, we didn’t mind waiting over an hour to ride the rafts if necessary. Of course, we spent the majority of the queue trying to ignore the growing fear that the attraction down again. In fact, at one point it was announced that the attraction was momentarily halted, but luckily that was short lived. The other times Morgan had attempted to ride the attraction in the past, it was always closed down, so each new room that we entered in the queue marked a new experience for her. She even found a hidden mickey on the side of a boot up in the rafters. Finally, the platform to board the rafts was in sight. We strapped ourselves into our seats and ended up getting soaked from head to toe. A huge weight was lifted off our chest after we stepped off the attraction. With only one more Core Attraction to go, victory was within our reach.


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