Oasis Exhibits

Time Entering Trail: 2:12 PM
Time Exiting Trail: 2:17 PM
Core Attraction

Weaving through the landscape of the Oasis was the Oasis Exhibits. There we found a Black-Necked Swan, Rhinoceros Iguana, and many others exotic animals. I love the nooks and crannies of this park. Despite the fact that we’re flying through attractions because of the Ultimate Tour, the best part about Animal Kingdom is being able to take your time and truly appreciate the plethora of details.

Along the trail, we asked a nearby CM about the status of Kali River Rapids. He told us that it hadn’t been up at all that day and that he doubted that it would at any point. This news gave us hope. If Kali was operating at all during the day, but then went down before we had the chance to ride it, our dreams of completing the Ultimate Tour would be crushed. However, if it was never up at all, then Kali River Rapids wouldn’t have been required in order for us to earn a perfect score. We sped to Asia to confirm this good news with a Kali River Rapids CM.


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