Ultimate Epcot Tour – 5/10/2015

Ultimate Touring Plan Data Sheet

Like a Phoenix
The Third Mouseketeer
Early Birds
Test Track
Mission: SPACE Green
Innoventions East ~ Sum of All Thrills
Soarin’ (FP+)
Living with the Land
Journey Into Imagination With Figment
Club Cool
Meet Disney Pals at the Epcot Character Spot (FP+)
Stave Church Gallery
Outpost ~ Drums
American Heritage Gallery
The American Adventure
Agent P ~ United Kingdom
Canadian Lumberjacks
Spaceship Earth (FP+)
Ellen’s Energy Adventure
Turtle Talk with Crush (FP+)
“Tomorrowland” Sneak Preview
Mariachi Cobre
Germany Pavilion ~ Pickle
American Music Machine
Morocco Pavilion ~ Unique
Bijutsu-Kan Gallery
Voices of Liberty
B’net Al Houwariyate
Serveur Amusant
Paul McKenna Band
O Canada!
British Revolution
Agent P ~ Germany
Sbandieratori di Sansepolcro
Friendship Boat ~ Morocco -> Canada
The Circle of Life
Character Greetings ~ Mulan
House of Whispering Willows Gallery
The Jeweled Dragon Acrobats
Reflections of China
Impressions de France
The Seas with Nemo & Friends
Garden Rocks Concert Series ~ Little River Band
Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros
IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth
Stop Location ~ Fountain of Nations


2 thoughts on “Ultimate Epcot Tour – 5/10/2015

  1. Congrats on completing the Epcot tour. I just noticed your listing on the Touringplans website. I’ve not read the entire blog yet, but I will soon. We did Epcot a few months after you. I’m excited to study your plan and how you tackled this very difficult park. We saved Epcot for last since it seemed impossible as there is so much to get done. But after making a plan, I think it may be once of the easier parks to execute because there are fewer ride lines and fewer unknowns going into the day. The rain almost got us, but we made it. I have a huge write up about our day in case I wanted to blog it someday.

    Do you plan to try DHS?


    • Hello David! I apologize for taking so incredibly long to reply to your comment. I just finished looking through your four Ultimate Tour submissions and they made me so happy. I love that you made it a family event too! The fact that you completed Epcot the day after Hollywood Studios is incredible, I’m in awe. I’m glad that you escaped the Florida rain, it’s always that unavoidable factor that haunts every Ultimate Tour, as you know. We’re definitely going to attempt DHS next, but we wanted to wait a little longer for the park to be less of a construction zone. If we were going to attempt it, we should’ve tried back before the Lights, Motors, Action and the Streets of America closed. We’re excited to go back after Star Wars and Toy Story lands open.

      Thanks for checking out our blog! Congrats again on making the Hall of Fame (four times!) and I hope you have a great day!


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